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What to expect from the GTR Cartel

While the GTR Cartel is a newly established club our huge growth and success has been down to several key factors.

The members - First and most importantly a club is as only as good as its members. Members of GTR Cartel chose to be members due to its welcoming and inclusive nature, many other clubs and organisations had become much too political often making demands of its members as well as event organisers for exclusive benefits. GTR Cartel however organises events and functions with its members at the heart of everything it does, and is happy to show up alongside other clubs rather than compete against them.

The trade - GTR Cartel has fantastic relations with GTR tuners and traders around the world. As such many of these companies are happy to work with us offering awesome deals, events and meetings to the members. Our technical chats are some of the most responsive and detailed with centuries of experience tallied up between the shops and members alike.

The fanbase - GTR Cartel members love chatting with fans of the club and the marque. We all used to aspire to own such amazing cars and hope to inspire others to do so one day also.